Denture maintenance and repairs

Royal Dental Melbourne provide a full range of Denture repairs and maintenance including:

Denture relines

Denture relines are required after a patient has teeth extracted and an immediate denture fitted. Over time the bone in the patients mouth resorbs (shrinks) and the denture will become loose and unstable therefore requiring a new fitting surface so the denture will be stable and retentive (stay in). This is recomended three months after the immediate denture is inserted and resorption will continue to take place for 6-9 months after that. A soft or hard reline fitting surface may be added.

Denture repairs

Denture repairs range from fixing broken teeth and clasps to fractures in the denture base.

Denture rebase

This procedure replaces the denture base but will keep the existing teeth and usually is only done on full dentures.


Our dentures are manufactured and repaired using industry leading methods and are constructed from different materials including:

  • Acrylic
  • Chrome Cobalt
  • Titanium

More information?

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