Full upper and lower dentures

Full upper and lower dentures are constructed to replace all of your natural teeth.


Full dentures are constructed from acrylic, of which there are different qualities varying in strength and colour. The construction of a full upper and lower denture will usually be completed in around 2 weeks or 6-7 visits.

Using your new teeth

Once your new dentures have been fitted, new muscular behaviour must be developed in order to control them. Although this process will take some time, the required skills are usually acquired in due course and it is important not to be discouraged by any early difficulties.

Eating with new full dentures

For first time wearers and very elderly people we advise to commence with soft food for the first 2-3 days followed by the gradual introduction of more challenging foods. Some new denture wearers may salivate excessively and find it difficult to speak. The generation of excessive saliva will usually settle down within several hours.

More information?

If you require further information please look over our frequently asked questions or contact the clinic.