Immediate dentures

An immediate denture is one which is constructed for you in advance, then fitted immediately following the removal of your natural teeth. Under normal circumstances providing a patient with immediate dentures is the most effective way of making the transition from natural to artificial dentition.

The Process

This type of denture will require your Dental Prosthetist and Dentist to work in conjunction as your Dentist will be required to perform any extractions necessary for the construction of your denture. It will usually require two visits with your Dental Prosthetist and two visits at the dentist for the check-up of remaining teeth and for the extractions and immediate insertion of your denture.


A number of visits are usually required to the Dental Prosthetists after extraction of the teeth to allow for the maintenance of the immediate dentures. Such maintenance may include:

  • Relining with soft or hard materials to improve fit
  • Occlusal adjustment
  • Addition of a flange to an open face denture


If the dentures are not properly maintained, extensive destruction of the denture-bearing tissues usually results. After 6-12 months of adjustments together with morphological changes in the mouth, an immediate denture will commonly need replacing. In spite of the disadvantages the advantages of immediate dentures are normally overwhelming.

More information?

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