Partial upper and lower dentures

A partial denture is a removable appliance which is constructed from full gum coloured acrylic or cast metal and acrylic. The denture will restore the loss of natural teeth and associated tissue.

How it works

The denture receives its stability and retention (stays in place) from the remaining natural teeth with the aid of clasps that will grasp and engage around the surface of the remaining teeth.

The Process

Before a partial denture is made it is advised that you visit your dentist or you can be referred to a practitioner from your Dental Prosthetist so that your remaining teeth can be examined prior to the construction of your partial denture.

Saving your natural teeth

Your remaining natural teeth will continue to wear down with age as the masticatory forces (chewing) impacts on your remaining teeth. Wearing a partial denture will play a major role in minimising the destruction of your natural dentition by distributing these forces of chewing and grinding evenly across all of your teeth.

Using your new teeth

As a first time partial denture wearer it will take some time to become accustomed to your new teeth. Like any new denture it is advised to cut your food into smaller portions and concentrate on chewing your food on the back teeth or molars. It is also advisable to avoid sticky foods during the first few days.

More information?

If you require further information please look over our frequently asked questions or contact the clinic.